"Phyton" means "plant" in Latin, and "cide" means to exterminate. Phytoncide is a substance emitted by plants and trees and generally means the aroma of the forest. They are produced to protect trees and plants from harmful insects and germs. The clean air that you feel in the forest is because trees give off phytoncide. Forest bathing is the contact of phytoncide in the atmosphere with the respiratory tract and skin. Phytoncide is a Forest bathing substance.They do not only exist in forests, but also can be found in vegetables and fruits.

There is a difference in the amount and type of phytoncide produced by each tree. The needle trees produce more phytoncide than the broad leaved trees. Today, Phytoncide refers to combined organic compounds of the terpene system that releases from a conifer and is recognized as a key material in forest healing.

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